Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tot School Update

We've not done much Tot School after all. Planned lessons went out the window a little bit to allow for Birthday celebrations and potty training. And now there's Christmas on the way, so I can't expect much more focused 'school' this year. Especially as I have to clear out and tidy before we get a whole lot more stuff...

That doesn't mean we haven't been busy, just that we've been ignoring any themes and planned activities. We do lots of counting and sing our ABCs (Nikki's favourite at the moment) and I am tortured daily by annoying Russian, Chinese and Japanese cartoons.

Nikki now often uses 3-5 word sentences. He is recognising when people are sad/happy/silly and is always talking or singing. Or making noise with his bells or xylophones or hammer...

He is learning Russian well - he loves learning his 'bookvi' (letters) and has a good vocabulary. He sometimes uses 2 word phrases, but his language skills are still noticably behind his English.

I feel a little guilty, but I have hidden his Chinese books for the moment. I just couldn't find the time to prepare them and there is no point in him listening if I can't read somewhat-accurately. He still has his music cds, LR and his dvds, though.

I am tentatively introducing Japanese. It was actually my first choice (I love the way it sounds, and it looks so pretty!) but there is a woefully inadequate supply of toddler-suitable learning materials. Or any oral-based materials, really. Chinese was just more available. I do have one vocabulary dvd (Wink to Learn) and some you-tube songs. I was so disappointed to see that Pim wasn't available with Japanese script, only an anglicized text. The same for Russian and the second Chinese set. Such a shame, but their loss!

In terms of planning, I have been working on a language curriculum for Nikki that we shall be starting in the new year. It is a gradual progression set of books which I am writing in English and Russian, designed to gradually introduce new phrases/grammar structures/vocabulary etc. We will use it primarialy as a language development course, but once he is reading independantly he can start at the beginning (back to the simplest phrases) and read them himself. I would love to have it in Chinese and Japanese (and any future languages that we may study) but I need to get fluent first!


  1. Wow! Super mama. You are so hardworking, you put me to shame...Our learning is also a little messy at the moment. Tiger learned to wriggle out of language and LR time!

  2. Jessica, I read your blog and I think it is me that is slacking! You do so much with Tiger - and he gets loads of exposure to languages, unlike here in the UK where if I didn't make the effort he *might* end up learning to say'I don't understand, I'm English' in French (all I can remember from four years of 'lessons' at school).